At Mirror Mirror we value not only high performance products but products that can also boast the highest quality. This is how we have chosen the lines that we carry here at our salon.

Eufora is a company that has stood out among the rest, a company who completely aligns integrity, with performance and support. They are environmentally responsible, ingredient conscious, and economically fair. In a world where the bottom line is usually the focus for most companies, eufora has chosen to accept profit losses in order to maintain their integrity and their reputation of honesty and trust. We stand behind this company and their products and they stand behind us as a salon. We are provided business classes and hands on training with their professional educators and 24/7 support. So as our guest you can be confident that our partnership with eufora will greatly enhance your experience here at Mirror Mirror Beauty Salon.


Here at Mirror Mirror we carry the Beautifying Elixirs, HERO, Thickening, and Style lines of eufora. These lines have the highest quality ingredients and the most versatile performance. As stated on the eufora website, “Today, all Eufora products meet the most rigorous standards in formulation, utilizing Certified Organic Aloe along with nearly 75 different natural plant extracts and essential oils, all of which are classified as renewable resources and considered biodegradable.” As you can see they focus on creating products that are as natural and as purely derived as possible (no parabens, sulfates, etc) without sacrificing the quality of their products performance. If you want to enhance the natural beauty of your hair eufora is the brand for you! Come to Mirror Mirror to experience the Eufora difference.




Kevin Murphy is known for their social responsibility, their commitment to quality, and high performance products. They are consistently on the cutting edge of the hair industry in all its forms. From the runway and the red carpet to retail stores and beauty salons like ours. Kevin Murphy meets a wide range of wants and needs. They believe that each person’s hair is as unique as their personality, so they offer a tool that produces a completely customized prescription for each client’s hair type, relative needs, and desired result. It is our job as stylists to be the experts. When your hair is “sick” (not cooperating or not looking its best), it is up to us, your “hair doctors” to evaluate the problem and deliver the solution aka your hair prescription.  This is the medicine your hair needs to get better and it is this custom regimen of expertly selected products that will mean the difference between your hair being consistently healthy and manageable and you wasting more time and money on products that just don’t seem to deliver. Here at Mirror Mirror you can receive your complimentary customized hair prescription that will deliver the results you have been waiting for!


We carry the complete line of Kevin Murphy products from their restore line that uses super proteins and amino acids to soften and strengthen your hair to their Plumping line that uses ginger and nettle extracts to plump each strand from within leaving your scalp feeling clean and refreshed and your hair feeling more full and dense. Each product uses the highest quality natural ingredients to achieve the desired results and all of their products are paraben, sulfate, and cruelty free. Natural ingredients are only half of the equation with Kevin Murphy. As a session stylist he needed products that were not only good for the hair but ones that would perform under pressure. Unable to find what he needed, products that did not compromise performance for quality or vice versa, he created his own line of products that could do it all and they do! If you want to create runway worthy looks, on trend dos, and custom styles that last, while maintaining the health and integrity of your hair Kevin Murphy is the brand for you! Visit us at Mirror Mirror to get your custom Kevin Murphy look.



This line of make up and skin care was created for skin care professionals and their clients. It provides a large spectrum of options for coverage, correction, nourishment, and protection and is gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin. They focus on being 100% cruelty free and use only the highest quality natural ingredients. While being high in quality they are also high in performance rivaling even the most popular trend brands. Eye shadows are highly pigmented in both classic and bold shades, blending with ease while staying put. Lip colors don’t feather, crack, or fade and keep your lips moisturized all day even with the matte shades. Eyeliners and mascaras come in many varieties to achieve any look with ease and their primers and finishers create looks that are flawless and will last through events, a night out, a long day at work or play. At glo they make sure to involve both quality and performance in their products but with make up and skin care it is very important to also follow the trends and provide what customers want. Glo definitely evolves with the times, the trends, the seasons and customer demand providing products that the customers are asking for. While maintaining the classics for face, cheeks, eyes, brow, and lips, they also have and continue to add to their collection of seasonal shadow pallets, and duos as well as creating completely new items that have become in high demand such as contour pallets and highly pigmented matte lip shades. “Personally, as the co-owner and manger of Mirror Mirror this was a line I could not wait to carry. I am a makeup artist with sensitive skin and therefore I needed a make up line that was gentle but that could perform and provide the products I need to achieve certain on trend looks that my clients were asking for. I found glo while managing a beauty store in San Diego and fell in love! My business partners Danielle and Mikelle were introduced to glo by their esthetician and absolutely share my love for this amazing brand. We are so excited to be able to share glo with our clientele so that they too can experience healthy beautiful skin and have fun doing it too!


Currently we will be carrying the satin foundations in select shades, the matte suede lip crayons in select shades, the cream gloss crayons in select shades, the powder blushes in select shades, the sun kissed bronzer, their black eye liner marker, the perfecting pressed finishing powder, and their foundation application brush. We will be periodically expanding the collections we carry at Mirror Mirror Beauty Salon and can order any desired products or shades even if they are not on our shelves. Please visit glo online to view all of their products, collections, and skin care options. Get your glo on at Mirror Mirror Beauty Salon!



The company:

Soma is a brand that goes back to the basics. They do not over complicate their products with fillers and chemicals. They use simple natural ingredients that are alcohol free, paraben free, and sulfate free and that are good for both hair and skin. They are all PH balanced and are therefore safe for colored hair. If you are product savvy, ingredient conscious, and want a high quality yet minimalist brand Soma has everything you need.


The Products:

We carry Soma’s clarifying shampoo “Purify” that is gentle yet effective, their serum “Solace” and shine spray “Prism” that are silicone based and offer a polished finish with plenty of shine, as well as their Moisture shampoo and Conditioner that replenish dry dull hair making it soft and manageable. If you like your hair to go Au ‘natural then you’ll love your hair when you try Soma!